Gamification is used by brands to motivate employees, create healthy competition among customers, generate social buzz or industry proof, and encourage customer trust + loyalty.  There’s a variety of techniques that are relativelty easy to implement, however, some require advanced planning, coding, or technical expertise – any business can use gamification to get better results, no matter what your goals.

Brand Trust, the end result of gamification comes as a community privilege, access to information or socials creds in the form of badges.

However creating brand consistent badges is not an easy task, especially if you need to scale and make new ones as challenges, courses and tasks are created as part of your gamification strategy.

As a Community Manager and designer I’ve outline a few best practices here and would like to start a discussion on what your doing.

  • KISS. Keep it simple and try to avoid text all together. It helps with localization and text usually redundant to the badge description.
  • Consistency: Maintain  consistent shape and color scheme even though the contexual graphic (i.e. a shark) may go beyond the circle or hexagon for example.
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