IBM TJBot – DIY Watson Maker Kit@ryandewitt
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IBM TJBot – DIY Watson Maker Kit

TJBot is open source and we'd love to see what you can make with it. If you have created your own recipe, we would love to include it as a featured recipe! We cannot wait to see what you build with TJBot! This Tutorial was hacked from Learn…
BioFeedback Using Air - Sensor _BioFeedback Using Air - Sensor@ryandewitt
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BioFeedback Using Air - Sensor

This project runs on an Arduino Nano with a microSD card socket connected to it . 1. Gather or Order Parts microSD socket Arduino Metro Nano The SD card…
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DIY RC Car Kit - Carduino

In this tutorial, we're going to make a simple Arduino based robot car. Most of my Instructables are based on renewable energy,battery or recycling used materials.In this Instructable, I have tried something new i.e making a simple…

DIY Robot Kit - Otto

Otto is an interactive robot that anyone can make!, is completely and truly Open source, Arduino compatible, 3D printable the perfect opportunity to build and have your very first robot, learn robotics and have fun; is more than just a robot…