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hackLAB connects giving organizations with starter engineering and design programs like summer camps.

When I taught Design at State it seemed only the fortunate youth could afford these starter Design programs or even afford any summer camp that can cost $600+ a week. I launched hackLAB as a way to help with that using a network of passionate professional makers all over the world. We meet regularly to share our ideas, make videos, weekly live shows, schedule inspirational talks. – @ryandewitt

Start creating anything with what you got.


Patreon support will help fund scholarships, events, classes, workshops, and motivational speakers. 10 bucks MAKES the difference.

“I made physical objects because I know how to do something on the computer. That struck a chord with me: Most women of my generation have grown up with technology but lack the handmade creative skills of former generations. This is a big opportunity to fill that gap.” – Brit Morin


Become a maker mentor. While you’re enjoying and connecting at hackLAB weekly maker events, classes, workshops, and project nights you’ll become a mentor. Your guidance and support are SO IMPORTANT to delivering programs that encourage a culture of Making and Creating. You’ll make a difference trust me.

“My favorite things often have a story behind them and are usually handmade or discovered at a flea market.” –  Amy Sedaris


All of the cool stuff in our videos heads to the SHOP.  To Support, you can pick up some hackLAB swag, a MAKER T-Shirt, Digital Plans, Maker Kits. THIS MAKES IT FUN and easy to support and enjoy something cool and unique ALL hand-made locally in the USA. And when you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance.

“Handmade, contextual, and authentic content will stand out in an increasingly information-saturated world.” – Shawn Amos

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