This is an upgrade for the MakerBot Smart Extruder +, to print easier flexible filament.

I tested it even with NinjaFlex (shore 85A) and it works. You have to adjust z-axis offset, print speed (Shell and Infill Print Speed 20mm/s), temperature and retraction (Temperature 235°C, Filament Diameter 1.77, Retraction Distance 0mm). More below.

But First – Print This to adapt your Extruder +

MakerBot Print Flexible Filament with Replicator Plus + Extruder 3D Printer

MakerBot Print Flexible Filament with Replicator Plus + Extruder 3D Printer

If you’re using Filaflex – Settings

  • Print speed 20mm/S
  • Print temperature (240 °C)
  • None retractions or low distance (1mm retraction distance and 30mm/s speed)
  • Increase the extruder flow if your plastic melt flow is not constant.(105-115%)

Heads up. If you’re doing some changes to your products you may lose warranty.

The new update of MakerBot Print to version 1.9.15 includes the activation of the “Custom Settings”. This allows you to make advanced settings for special prints. Here’s how it works: Go to the gear for Settings. Here you will find at the bottom “Add a Custom Setting”. Clicking on this will open the “Advanced Print Settings” window, which you can use to add advanced settings.

MakerBot 5th Generation Print – Custom Settings

Print Flexible Filament with Replicator +
First tests confirm that it is possible to print NinjaFlex filament (Shore 85A) with the Replicator + . We are still in the test phase – but would like to report on our first experiences.

Replicator + Flexible Filament 1
To print flexible filament with the Replicator + you will need a Tough PLA SmartExtruder + , Custom Settings, and possibly a manual Z-axis offset.

In the Custom Settings we have currently made the following settings:

Extruder: Temperature 235 ° C, Filament Diameter 1.77, Retraction Distance 0mm
Shells: Shell Print Speed 20mm / s
Infill: Infill Print Speed 20mm / s

The hardest step is loading the filament. We currently recommend clamping the flexible filament between the fingers during the process until the filament extrudes slightly. Then the charging should be stopped immediately. So far we have only printed without raft. But we had to perform a manual Z-axis offset. You can do this via “Printers” -> “Utilities” -> “Calibration” -> “Z-Axis Offset”. Attention: Please proceed step by step so as not to destroy the extruder!

Flexible Filament MakerBot Replicator +


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