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I’m a JMP Product Trainer at SAS, producing videos and story based learning solutions in the Analytics + Data Viz space. I also organize a Maker group in Raleigh that has a eLearning dev element @thehacklab .

If you make anything or need learning content solutions, Instructional Design or Storyline development I’d like to connect and share some resources that helped me leverage the power of my favorite dev applications and using story concepts to engage and teach.

A plug for my employer, SAS is an analytic software company with powerful analytic solutions and data discovery tools for predictive analytics and data viz. You can get free Tips and updates from my New User blog over there on data viz and some best practices.

If you’re interested, here’s a learning roadmap you can access now. The JMP New User Welcome Kit  was built in Articulate Storyline 360. I also have an upcoming data viz channel on Vimeo.

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I’m also a tech geek, maker and story teller. I dig DIY crazy projects, all types of crafts, photography, welding and making things in my garage with my 2 daughters and wife Suzanne. If you’re in Raleigh and a Maker call me to build something together at 919-807-1158.

As a story teller at heart, my career passion is to help corporate and university clients design, write and build world changing story based eLearning training modules. By using crafted and consistent graphics we’re able to focus on the objective and avoid distractions that usually derail a learning experience.  However, what’s cool is that I still have a lot to learn so I’m glad I found eLearning as an career in my life, it gets me charged up and there is always something new to learn…longest run on sentence in the galaxy, oh well.

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Here’s my video channel @  Youtube  | Audio, Voice Over, Learning, Storyline, Translation, Localization,  Social Learning with online Communities, etc.

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Here’s my JMP New User Blog at SAS

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ryandewitt | eLearning developer in Raleigh

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Learning Content Specialist and eLearning developer in Raleigh

eLearning developer
Raleigh NC

A few Learning Projects I have going on.

learnstruck | quick video project
My video experiment in creating quick bite sized learning. It’s my beleif that the sweet spot in video duration is 5o-120 seconds. After that watchers click away. Check out this YouTube channel to see examples and best practices on how to approach and frame a mini story. It takes a lot more then just speaking fast. Trust me.

HACKLAB | learning through discovery
Have you every hacked something brilliantly? It’s the story of my life. So, I’ve turned my garage into a learning space and created a MeetUp group and I’m uploading weekly DIY build videos from long boards, stickers, t-shirt makers and anti-theft phone charging stations that lock the cords down. | what’s your story?
Story has been the buzz word of messaging and education or scenario for years now. Story engages and teaches without pushing content. But it’s not easy to write a good story, let alone produce and finish one. I’ve been there countless times searching thru stock libraries for  simple icons to illustrate my story or message.  So I started packaging sets I could find and repurpose for new stories in a smart digital library. I separated and tagged images by purpose then style intelligently to explain any process or storyline fast. So those perfect sequestered graphics you know you have are now available. My favorite illustrators and design students have join me to design what I’m calling storyparts.  A smart assest library where after choosing the style you can download and drag and drop into a variety of your applications including ScreenFlow, Camtasia, Apple Motion, After Effects, and Powerpoint.